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The written word has power

to communicate

to  influence

to reveal…

My Services


Consumers of social media are tired of click-bait and videos of cute puppies.  Well maybe not videos of cute puppies, but definitely dramatized headlines followed with mediocre or deceptive content.

Publishing regular articles/posts that provide readers with useful information has been proven to cultivate a business’s brand and rapport with its customers.

Together we can design a strategy that provides value to your customers.


Business Writing

The written material provided to a business’s customers and employees reflects the professionalism of that business.  This includes website verbiage, brochures and handouts, employee agreements and responsibilities, intake forms, operation manuals, course material, and more.

Every industry is unique, and each business has a vision for their brand.  I provide the written words to communicate that vision.

Video Scripts

Videos can be a crucial element of successful marketing.  Take your business, website or product to the next level with an explainer or a marketing video.

People google a topic, 3.5 billion times a day.  Do you provide a solution to a problem, have unique knowledge or just want to reach customers so they visit your business or website and purchase a product?  A creative video can engage your target audience.  A video script defines the objective and provides scene by scene narration, images and audio.


Creative Copywriting

Do you need a content writer for your social media, business website or publication?  I produce quality content that is well-researched, relevant and entertaining.  I enjoy writing about diverse subject matter and using a variety of tones and perspectives.


Ghost Writing

Do you have a story that you’d like to share with the world?  Are you limited on time or feel that your strengths do not include writing?  I am available as a ghost writer.  Let me help you bring your story to life.

About Me

I have been writing for over 25 years; as a business owner, an entrepreneur, a freelance writer and book author.  My accomplishments include publishing The Taste Test and Prosperous Massage, writing online education courses, business operation manuals and various publications and handouts.  I write articles, blogs and content for several websites.

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